Writing RomanceThe Ultimate Guide on Craft, Creation and Industry Connections

Writing Romance

  • 50 Inspiring Articles
    The process, craft and business of writing by some of your favorite published romance authors, as well as a few of the industry’s leading editors and agents.
  • A Complete Resource List
    RWA chapters, SFA-RWA member authors, and RWA-approved publishers and literary agents.
  • Success Secrets
    How to craft a compelling story, find a great agent, and more!

“This compendium…provides ideas and insights on everything from germinating an idea and crafting the story to selling and marketing the book and maintaining industry connections. Entries range from pithy one-pagers to longer, detailed “how-to” sessions; being the product of many writers’ experiences sets it apart from other recent books on writing romances” — Library Journal

“These are the ideas that a budding writer wants to soak up and learn from…” — 5 hearts, Night Owl Romance

“Without a doubt, Writing Romance is something every aspiring author should have on their desk.” — OnceUponARomance.com

“Writing Romance is not just for the newbie or novice writer, but has something for everyone. One of the few craft of writing books I’ve read cover to cover.” — 4 hearts, Night Owl Romance

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