Judge the 2018 San Francisco Area RWA Heart-to-Heart Contest

Are you an author who loves to read fresh, new voices in fiction? Do you like giving constructive feedback to authors who are early in their careers? If you’re interested in judging, please make sure you meet our requirements, then click on the application link below.

You are invited to judge the Heart-to-Heart Contest if:

  • You are committed to providing specific, encouraging feedback (not just numerical scores)
  • You agree to read our brief, but important, judge training materials prior to scoring entries
  • You do not request to judge in any category in which you are entered
  • You are a member of RWA in current standing

Our Commitment to Diversity in Judging

The standards of our chapter dictate a fair and balanced judging environment. By signing up, you agree to judge entries that may include:

  • Characters with diverse backgrounds (racial, ethnic, religious, gender identity)
  • A range of romantic pairings (M/F, M/M, F/F, Menage, Poly, etc.)
  • A spectrum of heat levels (even if you are not judging Erotic Romance)
  • Plots with controversial topics (politics, religion, drugs/crime/illegal acts, etc.)

Judges will be given instructions on how to swap out entries that they have conflict of interests with (e.g., critique partners, friends) or with problematic elements (e.g., glorified hate speech, sexual violence).

About the Entries

  • You will be asked to read at least 5 entries of 4,000 words (15 pages) each
  • You will receive entries by 9/1/18 and must commit to returning scoresheets by 9/29/18
  • You will be asked to choose two of the following categories in which you’re willing to judge entries: Contemporary, Erotic, Historical, Romantic Suspense, Speculative, or Young Adult


That sounds awesome! I’m ready to sign up.