Enter the 2018 San Francisco Area RWA Heart-to-Heart Contest

You’ve seen the contest overview. You’ve carefully read the rules. You’re impressed by the quality of our past winners and industry pro judges. If you’re ready to enter, you’ll need to follow these four important steps.

Step 1: Pay the entry fee

$15 for members of SFARWA; $25 for non-members; general membership in RWA is not necessary to enter.

Member or Non-Member

Step 2: Be redirected to the entry form

If you’re not redirected, e-mail us atheart2heartcontest@gmail.com with your PayPal Transaction ID and we’ll send you the link.


Step 3: E-mail us your properly-formatted entry before the September 3rd deadline

The full contest rules show our formatting guidelines. Also, please use the following syntax in the e-mail subject line: [CategoryName_PenName] and send to heart2heartcontest@gmail.com


Step 4: Give us a week to confirm and validate your entry

We’ll need a few days to check your entry and make sure everything came through as intended. If you don’t get an e-mail confirmation from us within a week of submitting your entry, please send us an e-mail at the address above.


Questions? You guessed it. E-mail us right here: heart2heartcontest@gmail.com. We can’t wait to read your entries!