September 8, 2018
The Book Marketing Audit

Kilby Blades


Does it feel like you’ve tried everything to market your book and you’re not getting the sales you want? Have you read countless advice articles and purchased expensive courses promising the keys to help step up your game and you’re just not seeing the results? “The Book Marketing Audit” will teach you to stop copying marketing approaches that may have worked for other authors but that just aren’t right for you. The most successful marketers don’t blindly follow broad advice—they leverage their own data to solve problems from within. 
This presentation will discuss the following:
  • Identifying your author brand’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Choosing tactics based on the size and structure of your library
  • Technical infrastructure to support robust reporting
  • Using the right lenses to analyze, and optimize, your results
  • How to do targeting like an advertising pro
  • Prioritizing and staying on the critical path
Kilby Blades is a multi-award-winning author of contemporary romance and a 15-year digital marketing veteran. She managed more than $50 million in digital media advertising spend as the VP of Media and Metrics for a leading NYC marketing agency, served as CMO for a leading technology brand, and was the marketing talent behind three top-in-their category crowdfunding brands that raised more than $15 million combined. She is the author of “Marketing Steamy Romance”, a specialized guide designed to help writers of erotic romance to transcend restrictive policies pertaining to explicit content. When she’s not writing and editing novels, seeing movies, or drinking wine, she consults on marketing and PR to SF Bay Area-based Fortune 500 companies.



October 13, 2018
The Art of Character

David Corbett


Award-winning author David Corbett (The Art of Character) will guide participants through exploration of the five cornerstones of characterization, which form the foundation of any compelling character:
David will then expand this exploration to the proper use of backstory (“Backstory is Behavior”) to reveal how moments of surprising strength and sudden helplessness have shaped the character’s nature, and how each character has struck a balance between pursuing the promise of life and protecting herself from the pain of life.Finally, David will demonstrate the value of dramatic versus static character biographies, guiding participants through the creative use of scene instead of lifeless background information in developing a character’s physical, psychological and sociological natures.
David Corbett is the award-winning author of the writing guide The Art of Character (“A writer’s bible” – Elizabeth Brundage) and six novels, including The Long-Lost Love Letters of Doc Holliday (August 2018). His short fiction has been selected twice for Best American Mystery Stories, and his non-fiction has appeared in the New York Times, Narrative, Bright Ideas, and Writer’s Digest, where he is a contributing editor.


November 10, 2018
Morning and Afternoon Workshops

Marie Force 


AM session: The Business of Writing


PM session: Marketing and Publicity

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