April 2018
Sue Brown-Moore
Inside Book Blogging

March 2018
Leigh Shen
A Breakout Indie Career in Today’s Market

February 2018
Allison Brennan
Smart Women, Short Skirts…and the Men Who Love Them

January 2018
Shelley Adina
Plotting and Planning a Series

December 2017
Holiday Party – Members Only

November 2017
Catherine Coulter

October 2017
Amanda Scott

September 2017
Gail Carriger
Hacking Social Media for Authors

August 2017
Stacy Finz
Tips and Tricks from an Investigative Reporter

June 2017
Kristin Miller and T.J. Kline
Crafting a Pitch That Sells

May 2017
Melissa Blue
DIY Graphics for Authors

April 2017
Jennifer Ryan, Elisabeth Barrett, Lia Riley
Time is NOT on Your Side

March 2017
Lee Lofland
Everything You Thought You Know About Cops

February 2017
Kristan Higgins
Writing Dialogue

January 2017
Writing a reporter into your next book? Get it right
A panel of print, TV, and online journalists tell us how we’re getting it wrong

December 2016
Holiday Party – Members Only

November 2016
Catherine Bybee
How to increase newsletter subscribers and build a strong street team

October 2016
Zoe Archer and Nico Rosso

September 2016
Sharon Hamilton
Journey from Fledgling Self-Published Author to National Bestseller

August 2016
Portia Shao and Vikkas Bhardwaj
Authors & Models: Cross-Promoting for Success

July 2016
no meeting

June 2016
Navigating the RWA National Convention

May 2016
Carolyn Jewel
How to Evergreen a Link

April 2016
Alexandra Nicolajsen
Kensington Publishing Corp

March 2016
Jane George, Carol Lynn Montague, and company
Paranormal Panel

February 2016
Lawrence Townsend, Esq.
Top Legal Dos and Don’ts for Authors

January 2016
Becky Parker Geist
Audio and Audiobook Options for your Book Project


December 2015
Holiday Party – Members Only

November 2015
Marina Adair
The Craft of Writing a Successful Series

October 2015
Chris Baty, Grant Faulkner, and Rachael Herron
No Plot? No Problem! NaNoWriMo

September 2015
Rachel Simeone, Zetablue Marketing
Taking your Marketing Plan to the Next Level

August 2015
Mark Coker, Smashwords
Introduction to eBook Self-publishing

July 2015
no meeting

June 2015
Jonah Stein
Search engine optimization and driving traffic to your website to sell books!!!!!!

May 2015
Judy Melinek, M.D.
How to Think and Write Like a Coroner

April 2015
Joel Friedlander, Book Designer
How to Create Book Covers that Work

March 2015
Jeff Rinek, Joseph Toomey and Al Giannini
Law Enforcement Panel

February 2015
Isobal Carr and Vanessa Kier
Formatting your Book

January 2015
Jasmine Haynes, Alice Gaines, and Pam Rosenthal
Erotica Panel


December 2014
Holiday Party – Members Only

November 2014
Rachael Herron and Sophie Littlefield
Finances for Authors

October 2014
Gwen Hernandez
Scrivener for Dummies

September 2014
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Author Discoverability

August 2014
Jason Ojalvo & Susie Bright

July 2014
no meeting

June 2014
Sophie Littlefield
Action For Every Scene: Keep Them Turning The Pages

May 2014
Laurie McLean, Partner, Foreword Literary
Think Outside the Covers: It’s more than a book! (It’s a Story…)

April 2014
Jenn LeBlanc and Delilah Marvelle
STOCK and BEYOND – How to Get a Custom Book Cover

March 2014
Isobel Carr
The History of Underthings from the Middle Ages to the Roaring Twenties

February 2014
Gillian Bagwell
Giving Your Writing the Reading It Deserves

January 2014
Corinne Jackson
Social Media for Writers: Before Publication and After


December 2013
Holiday Party – Members Only

November 2013
Shelley Adina
Edit, Polish, Shine!

October 2013
Sara Hackenberg, PhD
Vampires and Gender Roles in Romantic/Victorian Literature and Culture

September 2013
Theresa Stevens, Freelance Editor
The Fairytale Structure workshop

August 2013
Janet Mullany
Writing Comedy workshop

July 2013
RWA National Conference – No Meeting

June 2013
Panel: How to Get the Most Out of RWA National
Kristin Miller, Tina Folsom, and Ariella Moon

May 2013
Chris Keeslar
Editor, Boroughs Publishing Group

April 2013
Deidre Knight
The Knight Agency

March 2013
Adam Wilson
Gallery Books

February 2013
Candice Hern
Power of POV

January 2013
Darynda Jones


December 2012
Holiday Party – Members Only

November 2012
Sheri Brooks and Dave de Heer
Self- and Backlist ePublishing

October 2012
Michel Bohbot
Cover Art

September 2012
John Thornton, Forensics Expert
“Life Behind the Yellow Tape”

August 2012
Krista Stroever
Freelance Editor

July 2012
RWA National Conference – No Meeting

June 2012
Sherry Thomas
Craft Workshop

May 2012
Bella Andre, Tina Folsom, Carolyn Jewel
Self-publishing panel

April 2012
Patrick Brown

March 2012
Wendy Crutcher
RWA Librarian of the Year, 2011

February 2012
Christine Witthohn
Book Cents Literary Agency

January 2012
Thom Kephart


December 2011
Holiday Party – Members Only

November 2011
The Man Panel
Get the inside scoop on “manly” jobs from our panel of gentlemen! They’ll share some of their job experiences and take your questions so you can write a better, more realistic hero.

October 2011
Dana Kaye

September 2011
Scribd: Tools for Writers at Every Level

August 2011
Laura Bradford
Bradford Literary Agency

July 2011
RWA National Conference – No Meeting

June 2011
Allison Brennan
“Breaking the Rules”

May 2011
Latoya Smith
Grand Central Publishing

April 2011
Leigh Michaels
Author, Editor, Teacher

March 2011
Bella Andre, Monica McCarty, Jami Alden
Author Talk

February 2011
Preparing for NaNoEdMo

January 2011
Nalini Akolekar
Agent Talk


October 2010
Rachelle Chase and Alice Gaines
The Ins and Outs of Erotic Romance

September 2010
Tessa Woodward, Avon Editor
Editor Talk: Pitches and Queries That Work!

August 2010
Sophie Littlefield and Juliet Blackwell
But What Is She Feeling?

July 2010
RWA National Conference – No Meeting

June 2010
Susanna Einstein, LJK Literary Management
The Author/Agent Relationship

May 2010
Barry Eisler

April 2010
All Day On-Site Workshop Co-Hosted by Black Diamonds
Alexandra Sokoloff
Screenwriting Tricks for Authors

March 2010
Martha Flynn
Talking Taxes

February 2010
Barbara Poelle, Agent

January 2010
Brenda Chin, Editor for Harlequin
Everything You Wanted To Know About Writing For Harlequin But Were Afraid to Ask