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Photo of Pamela Aares

Pamela Aares

Contemporary, Historical

Photo of Liz Adams

Liz Adams


Photo of Shelley Adina

Shelley Adina

Steampunk, romance, YA

Stories with spirit

Photo of Jocelyn Adler

Jocelyn Adler


Photo of Jenny Andersen

Jenny Andersen

Contemporary, Western

Beth Barany

Paranormal Romance, YA Fantasy

Magical tales of romance and adventure

Photo of Ava Bradley

Ava Bradley

Romantic suspense

Passion at the edge of danger

Photo of Sharon Burgess

Sharon Burgess

Contemporary Sweet Romance

Photo of Gail Carriger

Gail Carriger

steampunk, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, ya, LBGTQ

I’d rather be drinking tea.

Photo of George Cramer

George Cramer

Photo of D. K. Dailey

D. K. Dailey

Young Adult, Women’s Fiction, Magical Realism

Photo of Sherry Ewing

Sherry Ewing

Historical & time travel romances

Awakening the soul one heart at a time.

Photo of Karysa Faire

Karysa Faire

Contemporary, Historical, Fantasy, Horror

Photo of Stacy Finz

Stacy Finz


Small Towns, Big Heroes

Photo of Alice Gaines

Alice Gaines

Historical, contemporary, paranormal, erotic

Nice people having outrageous sex

Jane George

Young Adult, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Adult Fiction

Books for young adults, new adults, and adult adults, often with a tendency toward the romantic and fantastical.

Pamela Gibson

Contemporary and Historical

Books That Make You Fall In Love Over and Over Again

Photo of Christine Harvey

Christine Harvey


Photo of Rebecca Hunter

Rebecca Hunter


Award-winning author of sensual, emotional adventures of the heart.

Celia Juliano

Contemporary romance

Heartfelt, deliciously sexy romance

Photo of Regina Kammer

Regina Kammer

Historical erotic romance and erotica

Erotica for the Hardcore Historian

Photo of Vanessa Kier

Vanessa Kier

Romantic Suspense

Photo of Lea Kirk

Lea Kirk

SciFi, Time Travel

Photo of T. J. Kline

T. J. Kline

Photo of Keri Kruspe

Keri Kruspe

Photo of Tricia Linden

Tricia Linden

Paranormal magic / historical

Love, ’tis the strongest magic of them all.

Photo of Sophie Littlefield

Sophie Littlefield

Thriller, Mystery, SciFi, Fantasy

Photo of Margaret Lucke

Margaret Lucke

Mystery, Paranormal, Suspense

Photo of Daphne Masque

Daphne Masque

Contemporary and Historical

Small Town Romance/Big Drama

Photo of Jessica McBrayer

Jessica McBrayer

Paranormal, Mystery, SciFi

R.L. Merrill

Contemporary, Paranormal, LGBTQIA+

Love, Hope, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Photo of Shannon Monroe

Shannon Monroe

Photo of Carolina Montague

Carolina Montague


Photo of S. Q. Orpin

S. Q. Orpin

Contemporary, Chick Lit

Photo of Kristin Ramsdell

Kristin Ramsdell

Contemporary, Historical, Suspense

Photo of Layla Reyne

Layla Reyne

Romantic Suspense, Sports Romance, LGBTQ+ Romance

Adrenaline-Fueled Romance

Photo of Tess Rider

Tess Rider

Paranormal, SciFi

Small town urban fantasy romance ​with a time travel twist and a whole lot of heart.

Photo of Adina Senft

Adina Senft

Amish women’s fiction

Stories with spirit

H.S. Stavropoulos


Writing at the intersection of two cultures

Photo of Karen Stephen

Karen Stephen

Romantic Suspense

Photo of Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart

Comedy, Fantasy

Photo of Pamela Taeuffer

Pamela Taeuffer

Contemporary, Young Adult

Photo of Leigh Verrill-Rhys

Leigh Verrill-Rhys


Photo of Elisabeth Waters

Elisabeth Waters

SciFi, Fantasy, Young Adult

Photo of Reina M. Williams

Reina M. Williams

Historical and contemporary romance

Sweet, cozy reads with a touch of sass

Photo of Kate Wyland

Kate Wyland

Romantic Suspense

Suspense, romance, horses, and often a touch of the psychic.


To add your Logline, change your listing, or add yourself to this page, please do the following:
1.  Click on the link to create or change your biography
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