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Photo of Sharon Burgess

Sharon Burgess

Contemporary Sweet Romance
Website: http://www.SharonBurgess.com


Born in San Francisco, Sharon didn’t begin writing fiction until she was in her sixties and had retired from a nine-to-five job. She discovered romance novels after the death of her husband. “Having written non-fiction since early in my 30-year career with McGraw-Hill, learning to write fiction was learning to write all over again,” she says. “I’d never used a conjunction nor my imagination. Everything I wrote was fact, sometimes persuasive, sometimes informative, but rarely entertaining.” To date, she has two sweet romance novels, ‘Simply Irresistible’ and ‘Simply Provocative’, both Spruce Creek romances. She is nearing completion of the third in the series, ‘Simply Outrageous’. She has begun work on a fantasy, ‘A Year and a Day’.